Inspired by our passion for Architecture, Flower Arrangements and Interior Design, Arqflor develops unique solutions for private, public, social and corporate events. Arqflor is able to lead all phases of gatherings and events, from initial planning and assessment to the selection of the finest inputs and detail-oriented execution.

Arqflor was founded in 2014 by Clara Gomes Lopes with the aim to inspire and share with her clients her unique and renowned expertise to develop and create unique and memorable solutions for events and gatherings. Clara Gomes Lopes has extensive experience in the fields of Architecture, Wedding & Event Planning, Interior Design and Flower Arrangements, gathered from years of practical professional experiences both in Brazil and in Europe.

Arqflor is able to benefit from Clara’s international exposure, which translates into harmonic, innovative, personalized and bespoke events and solutions to our dear clients. Alongside our professionalism and dedication, we truly love what we do and aim to provide our clients with unique and memorable solutions for their treasure moments.

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"You know a great professional person with a dedication beyound of her work. She is careful with all the details, comprehensive, helpful and a beautiful person. So, that is Clara! We could not have chosen a better designer to our wedding. Arqflor.... I really recommend!"
Ana Paula Cantagalli

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